Haxton - CTM Recordings

Stu Haxton’s musical talents began at the age of 4 when he took his first piano lessons, and by 12 years old he was already producing his own music.

Already addicted to hypnotic, chunky beats after a school visit by Inner Sense, a Mancunian carnival samba band, he started cobbling together quirky house music on a clapped out old PC… this remained an after-school hobby until University where he miserably failed to sustain more than eight weeks of an English degree, realising that music had to be the way.

A brief summer in back in Penzance where he grew up, and frantic applications to any music course that would listen, resulted in a second move to London, a music production degree and a further ten years making a huge circle through drum’n’bass, folk, electro, hip hop, punk and electronica, and finally back to house and techno, where he has firmly stayed.

Learning to mix on serato vinyl and developing a dark, chunky and usually surreal style, he gained a string of releases and remixes on independent labels such as Bdivision Italy, Minimalminuts and Deep London.

Haxton is becoming a promising new face on the 4×4 music scene and his recent signings to CTM Recordings will be hitting clubs in the coming months.