Patrick Harney - CTM Recordings

Patrick Harney’s passion for music began aged 11, teaching himself to play guitar and soon after he was banging out fresh beats on his drum kit. Originally influenced by rock music, it wan’t long before he discovered electronic music and instantly fell in love with the driving 4-4 beat of House and Techno.

In his teenage years, Patrick transferred his percussive talents to sequencing new music in Logic. Just 3 years later, Patrick’s first release ‘Oh God’ was launched on Ulysse Records and he followed this up with ‘Terry’s Sax’ and ‘Cocaine’.

Patrick’s music covers a broad spectrum as he continues to expand his talents to new genres – at present he can be found producing anything from minimal techno to funky house. ‘Would an idiot do that’ is Parick’s 1st release with CTM. Keep tuned in for more from this talented man.