Soul Revolver - CTM Recordings

Soul Revolver, is a DJ and producer who has been involved in the global electronic music scene since the mid-90s. He started Djing at around the age of 20, soon running a local club himself – a perfect start to his career. Knowing his vocation to music from an early age after being brought up by a very musically influenced family, drenched with various musicians spanning Rock and Roll to Classical , this including his professional guitarist father, S.R never never really had many doubts as to where his
future would lie.

House music was changing his life, the early Chicago scene and then New York sounds to be specific, in hearing certain records during his childhood on radio and television, the beginning of something inside him; a desire to hear more of this 808 drum machine , 303 & 909 , and find out where these electronic sounds came from – being drawn into Detroit Techno – daily listening , electronic grooves with Hi-Tech soulful arangements constantly encouraging him to look and seek further.
Both Producer/ Remixer and DJ , his Djing style would be everything to expect from an overall true music lover: an extremely comfortable style and tight-solid mixing capibilities behind the decks, a king of moving any dancefloor, the proof being that he is very well known to be playing the smaller rooms in some of todays major clubs – holding the crowd, as the main room for the big artist is empty!