On 17/11/19 THIS AGREEMENT sets out the Terms agreed on between the following parties:

CTM RECORDINGS LTD ("the Label") (Unit 2 Houghton Square, 378 Clapham Road, London. SW9 9AN)


THE ARTIST Oscar Andres Olivas Luevano (Callejon del Ensueño 231-c Fraccionamiento Valle Verde , Cd. Juarez Chihuahua, Mexico)

IT IS HEREBY AGREED as follows:-

This letter when signed by you and us shall constitute our agreement with you, the Artist, to which you will render your exclusive recording services of the track titles (“the Compositions”) mentioned below to us throughout the Territory (as defined below) as provided herein. You are sometimes called the "Artist" below; all references in this agreement to "you and the Artist" and the like, will be understood to refer to you alone.

Summary of Agreement

Artist Name: Soul Data

Track Title(s) / Compositions: Baja EL Sol EP & Souldier

Version: All Versions/Mixes

Licensee: CTM Recordings

Licensor: Oscar Andres Olivas Luevano

Release: CTMR37

Type of Agreement:

Exclusive License in the Territory to Manufacture and Distribute Recordings  of the Title in any viable format.

Territory: The Universe

Digital: Exclusive worldwide digital download rights for term of the license

Term: In Perpetuity

Artist Royalties

Single: 50% of net receipts

Third Party Single Licensing: 50% of net receipts

Synchronisation Income: 50% of net receipts

Label Remixes: 15% of net receipts

Accounting: 45 Days from 30/06, 30/09, 31/12 and 31/03

Advance: Nil

Assignment: The right to assign the full rights herein to a third party

Remixes: The right to remix or otherwise modify the Master Recordings in whole or in part

Options: None

* “net receipts” refers to sales revenue for the Compositions received by CTM Recordings after sales and distribution costs.

Additional Terms of Agreement


The Artist warrants that he/she is the creator and/or owner of all copyrights submitted to the Label (“the Compositions”), that the composition and/or recording contains no uncleared samples of copyrighted material and that he/she has full power to enter into this Agreement and that this Agreement does not infringe the rights of any third party. All rights are also granted in the recordings of the songs for synchronisational purposes.

The Artist warrants that to the best of his/her knowledge he/she will provide to the Label the Compositions that he/she has written, or co-written, as and when he/she writes them. In the case of co-written Compositions the Artist will provide the Publisher with the correct share that he/she controls.

The Artist warrants that to the best of his/her knowledge he/she will provide to the Publisher details of the performances of the Compositions that he/she knows about including but not limited to Live, Radio, Film and TV performances.


The Label shall to the best of their ability ensure the collection promptly and in full of all earnings in respect of the Compositions and to maximise the income due to the Artist from the exploitation of the Compositions.

The Label will pay to the Artist a royalty of 50% on all net sales returns after the recovery of any promotional or marketing fees for either a SINGLE, EP or ALBUM, plus any fee for additional necessary artwork preparation etc after.

The initial period of distribution will be for ONE YEAR. An optional annual review/renewal fee will be applicable one year after the date of initial release, at which time the Artist or Label may opt to DELETE the release at no cost to the Artist.

The minimum period of contracture would be either 12 months or until such time as Nominal Fee is fully recovered, whichever is the lesser.

The Label shall ensure that the Compositions are notified to all relevant royalty collecting and licensing societies in the UK; and will exploit the Compositions by such means as requested by the Artist including but not limited to synchronisation uses.


The Label has the right to push the Compositions to production companies, music supervisors and the like for use by means of synchronisation with any cinematograph film, television film or production, video cassette or digital disc and with any commercial or advertisement.

Fees arising from synchronisation uses are referred to in this Agreement as "Synchronisation Income" and are collected by the Label in full. The Label shall account to the Artist sums equal to the full Synchronisation Income received from the licensee after a deduction of a 50% administration fee ("the Sync Fee").


The Compositions shall be administered by the Label until the Artist gives the Label written notice that he no longer requires the services of the Label. 
Provided this is no sooner than a minimum period of 120 days after date of submission of the Agreement, then there will be no charge payable by the Artist. 
If termination is requested sooner than the initial 120 day period has elapsed, a charge of £100-00 per registered composition will be levied on the Artist by the Publisher. 
This written notice to terminate may either be sent via email or posted to the Publisher by Royal Mail.


The Artist will not receive a payment or a statement when no royalties have been collected or if they do not exceed £5-00, in which case all due royalties will be held over until they achieve this minimum amount. Payment will be made by either Internet Bank Transfer, International Bank Transfer / Western Union / MoneyGram or PayPal, as agreed by the Artist, with all attendant charges payable by the Artist.

The Label shall account to the Artist twice-yearly in the form of an itemised royalty statement within 45 (60) days of 31st March, 30th June, 30th September and 31st December in each year for all sums received to the Artists account.


In the event of any dispute as to the sums due to the Artist pursuant to any accounting period, the Artist may appoint a recognised Chartered Accountant to examine the books and records of the Publisher and/or Label no more than once in any calendar year. The Artist shall give notice in writing of intent to audit within thirty (30) days of said notice. The Label will co-operate with any such Accountant conducting such audit and make available copy documentation as may be reasonably required.


Rights Granted: With respect to the Master, the exclusive right to mix, remix, edit, manufacture, distribute, market, advertise, promote, sell, publicly perform and otherwise exploit the same throughout the Territory during the Term and the sell off period, in any manner or medium, now or hereafter known, including, without limitation physical configurations, digital (digital downloading, streaming etc), cellular (ringbacks, ringtones, mastertones, etc), through normal retail channels, the internet, and through cellular transmissions, or to refrain therefrom. We shall also have the right to license the master for use in synchronization with an audio-visual device, including but not limited to motion pictures, tv, video games, and commercials. The label shall also have the right to utilise the name and likeness of Artist, as well as the producer and other individual creators of the Master, in connection with such exploitation of the Master hereunder (including but not limited to on the front of the release and on related marketing materials.).

The Label decides which music tracks shall be released as downloads and/or with respect to the use of mobile phones and through mobile communication at which date and offered to the end consumer (e.g. special mixes or edits at the date of DJ distribution).

Nothing in this agreement shall be construed so as to imply a partnership between the parties. This agreement contains all of the terms agreed between the parties herewith. A person who is not a party to this agreement shall have no rights under the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of this Agreement.

This agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with English Law and the English Courts shall be the Courts of sole jurisdiction.

You hereby assign all necessary commercial rights including but not limited to copyright, publishing and synchronisation rights to allow us to exploit your recordings to their full potential.

Please sign below if you are happy with the terms and return by scanned email or post.

Kind regards,


Rick Cee / Rebecca Loughrey


Oscar Andres Olivas Luevano

17/11/19 (electronically signed)

Signed on 17/11/19 10:27AM
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